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Increased savings and productivity can help bring families out of perpetual poverty:

  • Household cash flow is increased by 25% (P1,800/month), through a combination of reduced energy expenditure on kerosene and batteries, plus: higher income due to longer and more productive working hours and higher yields (e.g., fishermen can attract more fish and farmers can drive away pests).

  • People can charge their mobile phones without having to walk many kilometers to a charging station, keeping them more connected and efficient with their time.



Increased study and classroom time, test scores, and motivation:

  • Students are able to study 45% longer and improve their grades.

  • Teachers are able to work with children and make lesson plans when there is little or no natural light.

  • 97% of parents think their children are more motivated to read and learn since they work with a solar lantern.

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Cleaner air, less battery waste, more environmental education:

  • Every solar lantern reduces 130 kilograms of greenhouse gases per year, keeping air clean and safe.

  • Exposing more people to clean and renewable energy helps promote environmental awareness and strengthens the hope of a sustainable future.

  • With solar lanterns, maritime and forest guards protect Filipino ecosystems from harmful waste.


More time and opportunities to come together:

  • 100% of people surveyed said that they now have more time to engage in community activities.

  • 86% of households feel that domestic chores are easier to accomplish.

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Improved air quality, household safety, and natural disaster safety are some of the many benefits of our solar power:

  • Health improves due to reduction in smoke inhalation, with household members coughing 56% less.

  • 97% of those surveyed say they feel safer, with lower risk of fires and injuries, and the ability to seek help at night.

  • Replacing kerosene with solar energy eliminates the risks of severe burns and household fires, leaving families safer and parents more comfortable when their children study at night.

  • With our lanterns, search and rescue teams can effectively ensure people's safety and provide an early warning of floods by checking reservoirs at night.

  • With proper lighting, health workers can now help mothers give birth throughout the night, decreasing infant mortality rates.


100% of respondents affirmed that, on certain aspects, they gained positive results
— Maria Teresa Galera, Renz Santos, Deborah Sy, Cressa Zamora

Reports of Lessened Ailments by Percentage

Percentage Increase of Total Community Income

One community saw a 10.52L decrease in weekly kerosene use and a total savings of more than P3500 per month
— Maria Teresa Galera, Renz Santos, Deborah Sy, Cressa Zamora

Increase in Average Working Hours

Customers Who Paid in Weekly Loans

Some of the stories and faces of the lives we have brightened through the power of solar 

Thanks to solar, I now have brighter light in my sari-sari store, even when there’s a brownout.
— Calbayog Storeowner
Our daughter is in 10th grade and uses the light to do her assignments.
— Nanay from Baler
It’s helped a lot because the electric bills are 300 pesos less than they used to be.
— Calbayog Local
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When a brownout comes, we use it to cook and eat.
— Baler Housewife
Some of my friends tell me that my solar light is too expensive compared to others that are available, but I tell them that mine is more reliable than the others. The light is brighter and there’s a warranty, there’s good quality. If there’s a defect, I know where to go to fix it. For my friends, if their solar light breaks, they have to throw it into the garbage.
— Baler Local